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A - On-Demand Pay-Per-Use Plan

A - On-Demand Pay-Per-Use Plan

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  • Description: This plan allows you to pay per use, offering flexibility to schedule car washes as needed.
  • Benefits:
    • No fixed monthly commitment.
    • Schedule a car wash whenever it suits your convenience.
    • Pay only for the services you use.

Services Available:

  1. Exterior wash using high-pressure water and soap.
  2. Spot-free rinse for a streak-free finish.
  3. Tire and wheel cleaning.
  4. Basic drying to remove excess water.

Additional Services (Optional):

  • Interior cleaning.
  • Waxing and polishing.
  • Detailing services.

Booking Process:

  • Schedule your car wash via our mobile app or website.
  • Choose a convenient date and time for the service.
  • Pay for the selected services through the platform.

Terms and Conditions:

  • No monthly subscription fee.
  • Transparent pricing for each service.
  • Cancel or reschedule appointments with ease.

This on-demand pay-per-use plan gives customers the flexibility to decide when they want their car washed, paying only for the specific services they choose at the time of booking. It provides a convenient and straightforward approach for those who prefer a more flexible car care arrangement.

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